Isabell Thornton

5 Stars

Margaret is an amazing driving instructor.
She is kind and patient and teaches you exactly what you need to know.
I passed the first time going for my P's test, I would not have been able to do it without her.
I would highly recommend her to everyone.
Thank you again.

Suraya Newell

5 Stars

Loved this driving school! It was super easy to book and sherry was an amazing and patient instructor, she really gave me the confidence I needed to drive.

Iesha Gordon

5 Stars

Thank you Awesome. Bartley was an amazing instructor and helped me pass with flying colours. Would definitely recommend Awesome to anyone. Thank you

Samuel White

5 Stars

I started my lessons with minimal driving experience, I picked it up quicker then i expected thanks to the excellent team at awesome driving school. I would recommend them to anyone young or old looking for driving lessons. They are very thorough and have a great attention to detail, passed on my first go.

Jessica Morris

5 Stars

My favourite instructor is Carl because he not only is a great and knowledgeable instructor but he is funny and laid back too. He makes you feel really comfortable driving (especially great for anxious drivers like me) Thanks Awesome Driving School for being awesome!!!

Nayadeth Goday Montecino

5 Stars

Sherry is an excellent driver and instructor. She always makes me feel comfortable, giving me feedback how I can improve my driving skills. I am glad I chose awesome driving school, it really helped me to overcome my fears of driving. Thank you so much

Miss Danielle Camilleri

5 Stars

Sherry is great instructor very calm and patient.

Lauren Hughes

5 Stars

I have had all of my driving lessons with carl, and I wouldn't go anywhere else or to anyone else! He is the best, so calm and patient during the driving lessons and I have learnt to much!!!

Marisa Ball

5 Stars

We have used Awesome twice now within 13 months and could not have been happier with their service, reliability and professionalism. Both of my children passed their driving test first go. One was a super confident driver and the other needed a little encouragement.

Awesome catered to both of my children & their needs and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Thanks Awesome Driving School - we will see you again in 4 yrs when our last child gets her L's!

Shaellym Brims

5 Stars

I had lessons with Jerry and Colin and both were super helpful. Theres no way i would of been able to pass my first go without the help from awesome driving school.


5 Stars

I had lessons with Colin and also did the Safe Driver Course with him. The way he taught made me feel very calm and that gave me confidence whilst driving. He is a very knowledgeable driving instructor who explains rules and regulations really well. I passed my P test first go. I would highly recommend having lessons with Colin.

Rhianna Millwood

5 Stars

I have been with two instructors through this driving school and they were both fantastic and really easy going! I was a super nervous driver and when I went with Derek he was very calming and easy to talk to which made it easy for me to learn! Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a driving school!

Josh Parker

5 Stars

Bartley was an awesome driving instructor.

Helped me to pass my p's test first go!

Highly recommended manual teacher.


Jane Smyrnis

5 Stars

My three children all learned to drive with Awesome Driving School and all passed first go!

Thanks Scott and Jerry! They all had their first three lessons with Awesome, then regular lessons through the year, followed up by their Awesome Instructors' taking them for a lesson prior to the driving test and taking them to the RMS for their driving test - kept them calm and clear headed.

Many Thanks

Samantha Rakete

5 Stars

As an extremely nervous and anxious first time driver, I felt nothing but calmness and at ease during my first 1 hour session with Sherry. She took me through all the basic steps I needed to begin my driving and after a few minutes i felt awesome. Her attitude was terrific and now I can't wait to get back into my next lessons and hit the road.

Jesssica Stewart

5 Stars

Bec McMahan

5 Stars

Awesome driving School is an amazing driving school, thank you so much to Jerry. There is no way I would have got my P's without your teaching skills. Thank you so much awesome driving school. I will recommend you to everyone.

Anthony Famularo

5 Stars

Thank you Nick you are Awesome... I got my P’s today thanks to your positive words and confidence.. all my brothers have gone through Awesome , one more brother to go.. Thank you regards Anthony..

Chloe-Breanne Deacon

5 Stars

I went with jerry he helped me with stuff I was nervous on very easy going laid back guy thank you jerry than when I went for test I passed and it was all thanks to jerry thanks awesomedriving school you helped me a lot :) and btw I passed

Sarah Matthews

5 Stars

Awesome driving was 'Awesome' just like they advertise . They were friendly and supportive and helped me in every step of the way in getting my licence. The instructors are experienced & teach you every thing you need to know to be a safe driver. Thank you for helping me get my licence.


Kelly Cook

5 Stars

I had my first lesson today with Sherry and as an extremely nervous learner. I found Sherry to be the perfect instructor for me. I have just booked my next 4 lessons....

Renee Garney

5 Stars

Thanks Scott for the great driving skills!!! You made it very comfortable to learn. Thank you

Henry Morris

5 Stars

Bartley Creamer is the best driving instructor and managed to pass me first go. Thanks so much Bartley, your stories and calm teaching made the whole process so enjoyable.

Dylan Denne

5 Stars

Loving Awesome Driving School. The Instructors are amazing and friendly and make me feel relaxed

Rhys Tucker

5 Stars

Learning with awesome driving school is really building my confidence up whilst driving on the road. Not only am I learning and improving on the basics but I'm also starting to learn how to drive defensively and safely around me.

I would not be getting such high standard of education from any other instructors like awesome driving school provide. Thank you awesome driving school and I look forward to many more lessons with you.

Christopher Kfoury

5 Stars

I had a great first lesson with Carl, he makes learning so easy and relaxing.

Chris Kfoury

Cher Donaldson

5 Stars

So happy with our experience with Jerry on our keys 2 drive lesson! A great teacher who is patient and kind and I highly recommend his driving school

Keena Phillips

5 Stars

Just wanted to acknowledge Sherry for always providing such a high level of care and expertise with my daughter's driving lessons over the past year. Sherry's calm demeanour, instructions and encouragement all contributed to my daughter's confidence and ability to drive. Thank you Sherry .. couldn't have done it without you!

Tyler Spinks

5 Stars

Ive had the best experience with Awesome driving school, Carl Williams was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I booked a lesson! Carl is great he has really taught me all the skills I need and has bought my confidence up so much! I used to be so scared to drive but he totally changed my approach to driving! I will definitely be recommending Awesome driving school and Carl to everyone i know!

Megan Coote

5 Stars

I've had lessons from 3 different driving schools and this one was the best. I would recommend it to friends and family that need driving lessons. I was given helpful tips on how to do maneuvers that I had difficulty doing before and passed my P1 test.

Alana Johnson

5 Stars

I definitely recommend Awesome Driving School! I had Carl as my instructor and he was extremely patient, easy going and a great instructor. So relieved and happy to have passed my test today! Thanks to Awesome Driving and especially Carl for teaching me!

Gabby Judge

5 Stars

Awesome Driving School is an easy and inexpensive way to learn how to drive and learn how to pass the test. Thank you Colin for your patience and handy tips that helped me feel calm and confident during my test. I recommend Awesome Driving to Learners for great instructors and valuable driving skills.

Olivia Mayhew

5 Stars

Love this driving school and Ron is a great instructor! He is friendly, laid back and makes you feel confident and comfortable.
I passed first go after only two lessons with him where he helped a lot, leaving me confident in my abilities. I highly recommend Awesome Driving School to anyone.

Mark Piltz

5 Stars

My daughter needed confidence to drive safely under all circumstances ,changing lanes ,roundabouts, parking ect .After five lessons with Ron she had the knowledge and the tools to do so.I would recommend awesome driving school to any young driver just starting out.My daughter got her license on her first go now that was awesome.

Keara Anderson

5 Stars

Bartley the manual instructor is great! Could not be happier with his teaching capabilities and patience.

Helena Zadro-Jones

5 Stars

I participated in the Safe Drivers Course today and it was absolutely what I needed to feel and be a safer, low risk driver. Both Module 1 and 2 was engaging, easy to understand, and gave me more awareness around road safety as a learner driver and soon to be P1 driver. I left feeling confident, calm and excited to practice what i’d learnt! I would highly recommend using Awesome driving school to any learner wanting to get their hours up, build confidence and to be safe on the road! Thank you for a great day!!

Courtney Bell

5 Stars

Awesome driving School is just simply awesome! With its brilliant and dedicated instructors it makes being able to drive so much easier!

Scott, an awesomely awesome guy, is cheerful and friendly and never makes driving scary or intimidating. I always feel safe and calm while driving under his supervision and he always lets you go feeling that much more confident in your ability.

Thank you awesome driving school for providing such awesomely awesome instructors as I know my mum feels better knowing they are safe L platers on the road

Megan Gorst

5 Stars

After putting off getting my licence for years, I stumbled across this driving school and haven't looked back! Having lessons with Wendy, Sherry, Colin and Jerry these guys really know what they are doing.

All of the instructors are thorough, caring and above all patient.

Passed first go and can not be more pleased. Thanks guys!

Lauren Knights

5 Stars

excellent experience, wouldnt want any other teacher, learnt so much and really perfected my driving,

Samuel Reid

5 Stars

Scott was awsome to have a a teacher recommend to anyone was really good cheers

Jiayi (judy) Wang

5 Stars

Extremely satisfied with Paul ! I had a lesson with Paul two days before my driving test and he patiently explained to me the mechanics of the test and the most common errors people make in their test. He also made sure he corrected anything that he could see I was doing wrong and made me practice around a test route which I found extremely helpful! Although I only had one lesson with Paul, I can say that he was a massive contributor to me being able to pass the first go ! I felt much more confident after the lesson with Paul and went into the test remembering all the tips and hints Paul gave me in the lesson!
once again, thank you to Paul and Awesome Driving School !!

Judy :)

Lucinda Lau

5 Stars

Excellent driving school, highly recommended. Instructor was on time and prepared. Professional attitude, very helpful and great at creating a safe learning environment.