Automatic Car Driving Lessons

The automatic car is beloved transmission of choice for so many. An automatic car lets you move from Point A to Point B with astounding ease leaving you to focus on the one thing that truly matters while driving – safety on the road.

Our instructors are here to teach you how to easily operate an automatic, be aware of your surroundings and safely navigate through a range of different situations on the road. We’ll teach you to recognise when extra caution is needed on the road. Whether it’s raining heavily or you’re clearing the road for an emergency vehicle, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Here at Awesome Driving School, we provide lots of feedback and work on any weaknesses throughout each lesson, so that when the day of your driving test arrives, all of the kinks and jitters have been worked out and you'll pass with ease and with safety. We believe that a confident driver is a safe driver and practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

Our trainers will pick you up from anywhere around town for your lesson and will drop you off at the completion.

Remember, each hour with our instructors counts as 3 hours in your log book (up to 10 hours).

Book A Driving Lesson In An Automatic Car Throughout Sydney & The Central Coast

Lessons Central Coast Newcastle Sydney
Automatic Lesson $70 / hour $70 / hour $70 / hour
Automatic Lesson + Test $160 $160 $160
3 x 1 hour Automatic Lessons $210 $210 $210
10 x 1 hour Automatic Lessons $700 $700 $700
6 x 1 Hour Lessons $360 ($60 / hour) $360 ($60 / hour)  
10 x 1 Hour Lessons $600 ($60 / hour) $600 ($60 / hour)  

* Note: If you pass your automatic licence, you may only operate an automatic vehicle.  Passing a manual licence enables you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.  We're more than happy to help you feel at home with either transmission.

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