Defensive Driver Training

Safe driving skills that will serve you for life

Awesome Driving School now offers an intensive 3 1/2 hour driving Defensive Driver Training lesson. This is a great course to do in the school holidays.

The defensive driving lesson will cover:

  • Freeway driving
  • Overtaking
  • Gravel roads
  • Safe lane changing
  • Hills and bends
  • Vision techniques
  • Thorough work on traffic light procedures, roundabouts, and more!

Our trainers will pick you up from anywhere around town for your lesson and will drop you off at the completion. Students are welcome to bring snacks and a drink bottle to keep up their energy during the course of the lesson. 

Please Note:  It is recommended to do the course with minimum of 50 hours of driving experience. This is lesson is advanced tuition for safety, it does NOT include the bonus 3 for 1 hours in the logbook.


Lessons Central Coast Newcastle Sydney
Defensive Driver Training Lesson 3.5hours $280 $280 $280

The Awesome Experience

ItHere at Awesome Driving School, we provide lots of feedback and work on any weaknesses throughout each lesson, so that when the day of your driving test arrives, all of the kinks and jitters have been worked out and you'll pass with ease and with safety. We believe that a confident driver is a safe driver and practice, practice, practice makes perfect...

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