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A 1 Hour lesson with our driving instructors equals 3 hours in your logbook! We provide professional manual and automatic driving lessons, driving courses, and test day packages. 

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What You Should Know About Driving Lessons in NSW

Are you ready to hit the road and acquire the skills necessary to become a confident driver in New South Wales? Whether you're located in the Central Coast or Sydney. Discover the advantages of learning to drive with Awesome Driving School. Let's explore everything you should know about driving lessons in NSW!

Manual Driving Lessons

If you prefer the engagement and control of a manual transmission, many driving schools in NSW offer manual driving lessons. Learn the art of shifting gears, clutch control, and mastering coordination in a manual car. At Awesome Driving School, we only offer Manual Driving Lessons on the Central Coast.

Automatic Driving Lessons

For those seeking simplicity and ease of driving, automatic lessons are a popular choice. Automatic vehicles eliminate the need for manual gear shifting, allowing learners to focus on road awareness and other essential driving skills. Awesome Driving School has certified instructors throughout Central Coast and Sydney that offer Automatic Driving Lessons.

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Choosing The Best Driving School For You

Selecting the right driving school is crucial for your learning journey. You should look for schools with qualified and patient instructors who have a deep understanding of NSW road rules. Consider factors such as reputation, success rates, and student reviews to make an informed decision. Here at Awesome Driving School, we are a reputable business with almost 2 decades of experience, and over 350 5 star reviews!

Flexible Scheduling Options

At  Awesome Driving School, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way. Whether you have school, work, or other activities, we offer driving lessons during the evenings, weekends, or even public holidays. This flexibility allows you to fit your driving lessons into your busy schedule. We also offer up to 24 hours free cancellation.

Safe and Reliable Vehicles for Your Driving Lessons

At  Awesome Driving School, we believe in providing the best learning experience for our students. That's why we ensure our vehicles are safe, reliable, and well-maintained. Our fleet includes a range of modern cars equipped with dual controls, allowing our instructors to take over if necessary, ensuring your safety throughout the lesson.

While we have our own fleet of vehicles specifically chosen for their comfort and drivability, we also understand that some learners prefer to use their own cars for lessons. If you have your own vehicle and would like to learn in it, just let us know, and our instructors will be happy to accommodate your request.

The Driving Lesson Process

All of our driving lessons in NSW include a structured lesson plan to help you achieve your driving goals. Managing your lessons is easy with our online bookings and reminders.

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Select a Driving Lesson Package

We offer packages for multiple lessons. Simply purchase your package, then login to your account and book online. Packages also make excellent gifts!


Schedule Your Driving Lessons

We have highly qualified male and female instructors with high pass rates all throughout NSW. Choose who you feel comfortable with, select the time that suits you, and book online. 


Pass Your Driving Test

Our test day package includes everything you need to pass your driving test with confidence! Our package includes pick up, warm up, car hire for test and drop off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age to book a driving lesson in Sydney is 16 years.
Yes, driving lessons are available for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. You can choose the type of vehicle based on your preference and needs. We only offer manual driving lessons on the Central Coast, automatic lessons are offered across Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.
The cost of our driving lessons is $75 per hour, you can book for up to 10 lessons at a time.
You need at least 120 hours, 20 of which must be completed at night time. However, a 1 hour driving lesson with an Awesome Driving School instructor is worth 3 hours off your logbook.
Awesome Driving School’s driving lessons are usually around 60 minutes.
Yes we have a schedule that allows for easy booking with a driving instructor you prefer. See our schedule here.
You typically need to bring your learner's permit, any required identification documents, and payment for the lesson. It's best to check with the driving school for specific requirements.
Yes, although this depends on the driving instructor. You can check availability via our scheduler.
Less than 24 hours notice before the booking will forfeit the full booking fee. A cancellation does not automatically refund payment of products or services. Any amount not subject to the cancellation fee, is credited towards your account balance at The Trustee for Awesome Driving School.


Become A Driving Instructor in NSW

We're always on the lookout for passionate driving instructors to join the Awesome Driving School team! If you're interested in educating the next generation of NSW drivers, then apply below. We can help you get qualified.

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