Manual Car Driving Lessons

Students want to learn to drive a manual for a variety of reasons; it’s more challenging, it’s a great starting point for transportation careers, you can drive classic cars, you have more control over the car itself. Whatever your reason for choosing to drive a manual over an automatic, we’ve got your back.

Here at Awesome Driving School, we’ll teach you the ins-and-outs of a driving a manual. Ever wonder how to start your car on a hill? How about how to get a perfect stop at a light and get going again, without killing the engine? Do you grind the gears in the gearbox every time you shift? A few lessons with us, and we’ll have you driving a manual like you’ve been doing it all your life. Our safety-focused, concise, and detailed instruction will drive your on-the-road confidence through the roof.

We will evaluate you throughout the lesson so that by the end of our time together, you’ve mastered the basics and can operate your manual vehicle smoothly. We work with you so that by the time testing day arrives, you’ve tackled your weaknesses and turned them into strengths. Yeah, we’re that awesome.

Our trainers will pick you up from anywhere around town for your lesson and will drop you off at the completion.

Remember, each hour with our instructors counts as 3 hours in your log book (up to 10 hours). 

Book A Driving Lesson In An Automatic Car Throughout Sydney & The Central Coast

Lessons Central Coast Newcastle Sydney
Manual Lesson $70 / hour $70 / hour $70 / hour
Manual Lesson + Test $160 $160 $160
3 x 1 hour Manual Lessons $210 $210 $210
10 x 1 hour Manual Lessons $700 $700 $700
6 x 1 Hour Lessons $360 ($60 / hour) $360 ($60 / hour)  
10 x 1 Hour Lessons $600 ($60 / hour) $600 ($60 / hour)  


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