• Automatic
  • Patient, reliable & thorough.
  • Has had a lot of experience with various student with both physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Can complete training with modified controls on motor vehicle.
  • Very patient and has worked with a large number of anxious drivers.
  • Silver level Qualified keys2drive instructor.
  • Completed over 100 K2D lessons.
  • Family man, with teenage kids. Like spending time with the family and wife.
  • Car - Suzuki Swift.
  • Safer Drivers Course Qualified Coach & Facilitator.
  • Accredited Older Driver Assessor.

5 Star Rating


I have been anxious about driving for years, but making the move to the coast with two small children, I knew I needed to drive. When I first met Ron I was so nervous about getting back in a car again, but he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that I not only felt like I could drive again, he made me WANT to drive again. After 10 lessons and lots of practice in between I passed my Ps Test FIRST GO!!! The freedom has been amazing! Thank you Ron for giving me my wings, I never in a million years thought I’d be on the road again and it’s all thanks to your careful teaching and remarkable patience! I recommend Ron to anyone who is anxious about getting in the car for the first time or after a few years, he is awesome! ;)

Victoria Merillo

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