Testimonials - Bartley Creamer

5 Stars

Shimara Knight-Taylor

Bartley is the best driving instructor. He made me laugh when I was so scared and explained things that my mum couldn't SO easily, that even she learnt new things! I would recommend Bartley to anyone who is considering driving a manual car. When I drive alone on my P's now, I remember what he told me and I feel calm and confidant. Awesome driving school really is the best. Thank you so much Bartley. You're a legend.

5 Stars

Brandon Douglas

Bartley is an awesome driving instructor... Thanks for everything

5 Stars

Bailey Schweiger

Thank you to Bartley and the team at Awesome Driving School for their patience, guidance and help through this important transition life. My son Bailey passed first go, after great instruction from Bartley. Would definitely recommend Bartley and Awesome Driving School.

5 Stars

Brodie McGregor

Bartley did a great job and showed me everything to know about driving as well as teaching you the little things that make a big difference

5 Stars

Keara Anderson

Bartley the manual instructor is great! Could not be happier with his teaching capabilities and patience.

5 Stars

Iesha Gordon

Thank you Awesome. Bartley was an amazing instructor and helped me pass with flying colours. Would definitely recommend Awesome to anyone. Thank you

5 Stars

Josh Parker

Bartley was an awesome driving instructor.

Helped me to pass my p's test first go!

Highly recommended manual teacher.


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