After many years in the Telecommunications industry and travelling NSW, VIC and Qld for most of them, Rob brings to the Awesome Driving School many years of driving experience in night,  city and country driving conditions.

He’s a professional and qualified driving instructor and his passion for driving will help all students and drivers with different driving skills and requirements to achieve their goals.


  • NSW Roads & Maritime Driving Instructor Licence. (Automatic)
  • Ryda Road Safety Education
  • Murcotts Driving Excellence. Defensive Driving Program

Reviews 5 Star Rating


I’m so glad I chose Awesome Driving School and was able to receive such great driving instructions from Rob Reynolds. If it wasn’t for Rob, I would have been completely unready for my P’s test. Rob was calm yet stern when he needed to be and he made you feel comfortable and relaxed each lesson. He joked around and acted like your best friend in the car, making it easier to forget that you are in a proper driving lesson and it isn’t just your friend teaching you how to drive. Thank you Rob for your awesome driving lessons and helping me prepare for my P’s test. I passed by the way!! I hope you’re proud of me!!


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