Patient, calm and thorough instructor.

Very high pass rate

Automatic or your own car manual.

Safer driving Course module 2 in car coach.

Available Saturdays and Sundays for lessons.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Highly... highly recommend Mike Oldfield as a driving instructor :). Mike will be sure to nip any bad driving habits you have (that will make you fail the p1 test!) right out. In my experience, it's clear he cares deeply about my improvement as a driver and success in passing the test. Its clear his goal is to make sure every student passes their p1 test first go. During the lesson, Mike is completely focused on instructing, wasting no time with chatter that is completely unrelated to improving your driving skills (ensuring that every minute counts!). He is patient and thorough with explanations, his sense of humor is awesome, and its overall comfortable driving in the car with him. The man knows the road rules and techniques to pass the test like the back of his hand. With constructive feedback at the end of every lesson, Mike will ensure you will improve rapidly so that you can become a skilled, confident driver (and to pass the test first go!). Very grateful to have him as an instructor. Awesome driving school ;)


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